Tomas Soler
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About me

My name is Tomas Soler Luque. I was born in Barcelona (Catalonia-Spain) in 1976. I use to work between my loved neighbourhood of Gracia in Barcelona and a remote and small village hidden in the Catalan Pyrenees.

There are no complex explanations about my paintings, it is just about feelings, dreams and visions that I express and try to transfer all the people who can see them. The satisfaction of hearing: ” I like this one”, or “feel the same about you”, “I like to watch it every day”…that is all!

How do I use art to express myself?

While I do not consider myself a shy and reserved person, it is often difficult to put into words some feelings or ideas. I think that words sometimes just fall short. For me is a very intimate form of expression. I feel naked when I show my work, people know me through my work, as if I was saying…. look “this is me”.

But it’s not just about me, this is not a monologue, the art is dialogue, an open door for conversation and mutual understanding.

Get in touch with me

You could contact me at this e-mail I check my e-mail daily and will answer in a maximum of 24 hours.